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Baby It’s Cold Outside!

Most Sundays I sit at my desk and wonder what to write about. Today, I noticed that my hands were a little cold and as people walked by the office, the squeak of their footsteps in the snow reminded me that despite the beautiful blue sky and sunshine – it’s COLD outside! I thought a few tips to survive a cold snap were in order.

Check to make sure that your furniture is away from your heating vents so that you are not blocking any heat. On cloudy days and after dark, close your curtains and blinds to keep cold air from coming in through the windows. On sunny days take advantage of heat from the sun. Insulate outlet and switch plate covers. A lot of cold air can find its way into your house through these openings. If, despite these efforts, you find yourself in need of supplemental heat, please be careful. It you are using electric space heaters, keep them away from curtains and other flammable material. Don’t use extension cords and don’t put the cord under the carpet. Don’t leave unattended space heaters on. Make sure the space heater you are using will go off if tipped over. Your safest bet is to put on some heavier clothes, grab a blanket and snuggle up.

Frozen pipes can be an issue during periods of extreme cold. I have never understood this logic, but many homes have kitchens and bathrooms on outside walls.  During periods of extreme cold open your cabinet doors under the sinks so that heat can get to those pipes. Look into insulating pipes that run through unheated spaces or along exterior walls.

If you do find yourself with frozen pipes, crank up your heat and use a hair dryer to warm up the area. Don’t use a torch as you risk starting a fire. Know that spring will be here in just over 2 months. For those of you who live in warmer climates, please send some of that warm air north.

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