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Buying a Home that Needs Updates

Do you watch HGTV? Have you ever noticed that the wish list is almost identical for most homebuyers? The list usually includes the following: open floorplan, kitchens with granite counters, islands, stainless steel appliances, large bedrooms, huge closets, luxurious master suites, a great yard and an attached garage. Even first time home buyers are looking for all the bells and whistles. This all goes back to the follow the herd mentality and the constant barrage of advertising. We see others wanting and doing it so it must be the right way to go.

If you are willing to break away from the herd and cookie cutter homes and consider a home with a bit of a retro flair; you will be able to get a lot more home for your money. Time and time again I see buyers shy away from great homes at fantastic prices because of dated kitchens and baths, shag carpets, paneling and outdated wall colors and décor. If this sounds like you and you haven’t yet found the home of your dreams, don’t write off a home because it doesn’t live up to HGTV standards. Take a look and compare price and value between the more dated property and the one with all amenities that you think you must have.

Did you know that some people are actually putting retro features into newer homes? Everything seems to come back around. Remember the big eyeglasses of the 80’s? They’re back! Maybe it is time to re-think your “must haves” in a home and be willing to play up the retro theme. There are companies that specialize in manufacturing new appliances, fixtures and hardware with a retro look and these companies are thriving!

If you purchase a home in need of updates you can embrace and play up the retro theme for a few years. Live with it for a while, you may find that you really like being thrown back to a simpler time. Keep in mind that retro does not mean non-functional. While some colors and designs may not be exactly what you were hoping for, if you get more bang for your buck isn’t it worth it? Think about the joy many people get from the classic cars of the 1950s and 60s. You can get that same joy with your home when you play up the retro theme.

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